The history of the restaurant Chez Gaby

Portrait de Gaby et Dany CARBONEL

At the age of 17, a street urchin named Gabriel CARBONELL joined the French Resistance against the German occupying army and went undercover in the Vercors. He remained there from 1944 till the end of the war.

Born on December 11 1927 in Aix-en-Provence, he was married twice. His first wife gave birth to their son Christian. Gaby was in charge of several bars such as “Le CAMBRINUS” and many others before he entered the merchant navy in the fifties as first captain’s steward and remained in it eight years.
In 1961, he met Daniele DONADIO an accountant assistant and married her. They had three children, Marc, Thierry and Robert.

On July 1965 the couple created “Le Bar Gaby” at Pont de L’Arc.
Lots of people were inspired by their innovative ideas (organization of fun fairs, creation of soccer players and petanque associations) contributing in turn to improving life in the area.
The first big modernization site started in 1996 with Robert and Thierry as partners and a new activity was created: pizza and seafood according to the season.
Gaby died in June 2001 after a long disease, but today his name is still linked to this symbolic place “ La Brasserie Chez Gaby” employing a staff of ten people.
In February 2008, the deputy and mayor Maryse Joissains-Masini paid homage to this couple of builders but also to this exceptional man by inaugurating the small bowling pitch by the name of “Boulodrome Gabriel CARBONELL” known as “Gaby”.